Kenmore Gas Water Heaters

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how it works…

RotoSwirl™ self-cleaning cold water inlet tube features multiple water outlet jets that automatically create a “self-cleaning” turbulence in the bottom of the water heater tank so that every time a hot water faucet is opened, the sediment is flushed out of the water heater.

Heaters that don’t have self-cleaning features suffer harmful sediment buildup that forms a barrier, blocking effective heat transfer, lowering energy efficiency and causing tank failure. Our self-cleaning RotoSwirl™ feature helps maintain energy efficiency and prolong tank life. Maintained energy efficiency means lower operating costs throughout the life of the water heater.

Kenmore water heater advantages

kenmore ultra coat

Cobalt Blue Ultra Coat™
Glass Lining

Maximizes tank life by providing internal tank protection against corrosion.

kenmore heat trapsHeat Traps
Help prevent heat loss, conserve energy and reduce operating costs.

kenmore foam insulationFoam Insulation
Environmentally-Friendly Non-CFC Foam Insulation.

kenmore safety valve(T&P) Relief Safety Valve
Temperature and Pressure (T&P) Safety Relief Valve is factory installed on all heaters.

kenmore rotoswirlRotoswirl™
Self-Cleaning Inlet Tube
Multiple outlet jets create turbulence.
Reduces sediment buildup.
Helps to prolong tank life and maintains energy efficiency.

Convenient Installation Available

Installation Includes:
Schedule Convenient Appointment
Within 24 hours after providing payment, you’ll receive a call from authorized installer to schedule your water heater installation.
Delivery, unpacking and product inspection
Advance estimates if additional work is required prior to installation
Product connection to code-approved utilities
Level, secure and install manufacturer-supplied safety hardware
Test product and provide owner with easy-to-understand instructions
Cleanup and disposal of any job-related debris
Haul away old unit for additional charge

Every Installation is backed by a 1 Year Warranty!

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