rapid fuse wood

RapidFuse Fast-Curing Wood Adhesive | Cures in 30 Minutes

RapidFuse™ Wood Adhesive creates a professional-strength bond that works on all wood types.RapidFuse sets in 30 seconds and is ready to plane, sand, or stain in just 30 minutes, minimizing clamping time and getting you back to work faster. RapidFuse Wood Adhesive is even repositionable for up to three minutes, giving you time to ensure PERFECT alignment.

  • READY IN 30 MINUTES—ready to plane, sand and stain in just 30 minutes, minimizing clamping time and achieving handling stength in 30 seconds.
  • PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH & PERFORMANCE—Goes 2X further than yellow glue, with no swelling, shrinking, or cracking, keeping joints tight.
  • WORKS ON ALL WOOD TYPES—40% stronger than woods like cherry, poplar, and pine, based on ASTM 3163 testing.

Easily bonds to other surfaces, like ABS, melamine, particle board, rubber, steel, PVC, glass, stone, and more.

Interior/Exterior Use | Fine-Tip Applicator | No Activator Needed

rapid fuse allpurpose

RapidFuse All-Purpose Adhesive | Bonds Virtually Everything

RapidFuse™ All-Purpose Adhesive provides a fast-setting, professional-strength, clear bond that's 40% stronger than other glues* without the expanding foam or dripping glue mess.

Appropriate for indoor or outdoor use, RapidFuse works on most common household materials, from wood, metal, rubber, plastics, ceramics + porcelain, to glass, fabric, stone, concrete, tile + more.

  • FIX IT FAST—sets in 30 seconds, cures in 30 minutes, repositionable up to 3 minutes
  • FIX IT RIGHT—40% stronger than tough polyurethane glues*, 2X more durable than instant glues, bonds clear
  • No Foam, No Dripping, No MESS

Interior/Exterior Use | Fine-Tip Applicator

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